A multiple collisions caused by a drifting ship which lost control and entered into a wind farm (WF) may cause relatively large risk for a WF comprised of bottom mounted type offshore wind turbines. A bottom mounted type wind turbine will be installed relatively close to shore in Japan and sometimes close to dense marine traffic area. Consideration of the risk will be necessary in planning a WF.

This paper presented an estimation of a damage caused by collision with a drifting ship accidentally entered a wind farm. The WF is assumed comprised of bottom mounted type offshore wind turbines. The size of the drift ship considered in the analysis is 6788 GT. For smaller ships, damage to wind turbine considered to be small. Entry of ships from sides other than the one facing sea route was ignored because the number of ship entries from the sides was considered small. Under a number of limitations, risk of multiple collisions in WF by a drifting ship was formulated and quantitatively estimated.

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