Meeting the gap between food demand and availability is of grave concern, and open ocean or offshore mariculture is identified as a promising solution for reducing this gap. In a series of studies performed by the authors, an offshore cage design concept (i.e., a self-submersible single point mooring (SPM) cage concept) was developed and analyzed in regular waves with a following current. The results of previous studies are promising, but further analysis is needed to determine whether the cage system can perform effectively in oblique waves and currents. Hence, the current study extended numerical simulations to include waves and currents running in oblique directions and also analyzed the cage system in a following and adverse current. The results of the simulations indicate that in oblique waves and currents, and even in adverse currents (relative to the direction of wave propagation), the self-submersible SPM cage system shows good submergence characteristics such that it can be effectively used in an offshore environment.

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