In case of a Weld On Connector’s riser using ASTM A182 F22 forged joints, high strength (SMYS of 80 ksi) steel pipes for sour service (hardness below or equal to 250 HV10) suitable for welding to the connectors are required. Welding is challenging because of the Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) needed to reduce the hardness in the F22 HAZ while maintaining the required strength in the pipe. Theoretical evaluations were performed by means of metallurgical models and a potential solution was identified in grade P22-like steel (2¼ Cr - 1 Mo), with minor modifications with respect to the standard ASTM A335 and supplied in Q&T condition. A trial heat was cast and hot-rolled into pipes. After water quenching, the response to tempering was assessed by means of laboratory heat treatments and subsequent mechanical testing, together with metallurgical examination. Simulated PWHTs were also performed on Q&T material. 80 ksi grade P22 seamless pipes were finally produced and qualification involved mechanical testing before and after simulated PWHT: SMYS of 80 ksi and HV10 ≤ 250 requirements were met. The material also exhibited excellent toughness and resistance to HIC and SSC cracking.

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