Sloshing assessment of LNG cargo tanks is expected to satisfy the required structural strength of insulation components. It is difficult to estimate the sloshing pressure and structural response of cargo containment in real size because of the uncertainty of intensive computation time as well as the complexity of sloshing motion. In this study, several procedural components are suggested to meet the endurable strength of LNG CCS during the design of LNG cargo containment. The measured sloshing impacts from small scale model test are treated by individual impacts. Thereafter, static and transient structural response of LNG CCS is sequentially performed in order to evaluate the structural strength. The structural response is also calculated in time series through convolution method considering the history of pressure. It is used to investigate the structural response induced by the history of impacts. Finally, an idealized fluid structure interaction on the localized insulation panel is investigated in order to evaluate the structural strength in actual scale.

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