The wind energy converters have extreme requirements to lateral deformation and rotation for support structures. Mono-pile, as a popular foundation structure for offshore wind energy towers, must be with sufficient large diameter and deep embedded length to limit the deformation and rotation within the tolerance under cyclic loads. Larger power offshore wind turbine (OWT), bigger pile diameter should be needed. However, large outer diameter pile will lead to difficult construction and high cost. In this study, a new conception of composite mono-pile is presented to decrease the outer diameter of pile. To investigate the structural behavior of composite mono-pile, the finite elements software ABAQUS is employed to analyze and compare with general mono-pile for 1.5 MW OWT under static loads. The numerical results demonstrate that stiffness of composite mono-pile can be improved effectively. Therefore, in same environment condition, composite mono-pipe diameter will be smaller than typical mono-pile, correspondingly, construction difficult and cost will be decreased. In addition, mechanical characteristics of composite mono-pile are analyzed and rational diameter and thickness selection of inserted pile are advised. The research results can provide the reference for practical engineering.

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