The exact prediction of wave loads for ship or other marine structure is the key to its design and the assessment of structural strength, reliability and security. The short-term and long-term prediction of wave loads are always used in direct calculation for structural strength, fatigue strength assessment and so on based on spectral analysis method. In this paper, the numerical calculation method for statistic prediction is discussed firstly, including the Weibull distribution fitted method and the stack method. Further more, it is necessary to find a quick solution in order to improve the efficiency to compute the nonlinear equation in the second method. Then, some main factors that may influence the long-term or short-term prediction are discussed, such as wave spectrum, wave scatter diagram, incident wave angle interval and frequency interval. Finally, the wave loads prediction for a series of typical bulk carriers and oil tankers are calculated by the uniform predict method discussed above base on three dimensional wave loads calculation theory. The results showed that the method used in this paper can predict the statistic value of wave loads induced by irregular incident waves conveniently and efficiently. A rule to choose a series of uniform factors is confirmed for statistic prediction and some empirical formulas for long-term value of wave bending moment are concluded which are very useful in marine engineering.

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