The aquaculture industry has increased rapidly the last 20 years. In almost all fish farms, the fish is held captured in net cages. Net structures are built up with twines as shown in Figure 1.

Various parameters of importance for the loads to nets such as solidity, Reynolds number, flow angle relative to mesh and increased flow around twines compared to single twines. This paper outlines such effects.

This paper consider loads to net panels considering the net a sum of twines and then sum the forces twine by twine. Based on this approach the paper presents a calculation method for net meshes. The presented load formulation is valid for rectangular and diamond shaped meshes and is valid for any 3D orientation of flow relative to mesh.

The presented method for load calculation includes methodology for deriving the forces to a net structure based on knowledge of drag resistance for an individual twine. This methodology is compared with other published formulae and empirical data.

A formula is presented based on a twine in wake consideration. The presented formula is compared to measurements for test cases both in terms of a net panel and for a full cage model. Results show good agreement.

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