For the practical application of wave powered generation, it is necessary that an epoch-making technology or performance have to be developed. This paper describes an actual sea test for application of the dielectric elastomer to wave powered generation. The power generation device using the dielectric elastomer of a floating buoy is installed to the fishery harbor of Suzaki in the IZU peninsula [1]. In the actual sea test, accelerations in three degree of freedom and output energy due to motion of the powered buoy are measured. Incident waves are measured using an ultrasonic wave meter. Expected acquirable power of the powered buoy with the dielectric elastomer is from 25 mW to 56 mW in observation time which is one minutes. Relationship between motion of the buoy transferred from the accelerations and the output power is investigated from the results. From the results, it is proven that a small wave powered generation buoy system is available with the dielectric elastomer.

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