The purpose of this study is to improve FPED (Flexible PiEzoelectric Device) we have developed. The FPED consisting of piezo-electric polymer film (PVDF) is a way of harvesting electrical energy from ocean power, e.g. tide, current, wave, breaking wave and vortex. We also propose an Elastic Floating unit with HAanging Structures (EFHAS) using FPED. The EFHAS consists of floating unit and hanging unit. In this study, we investigated electric performance of FPED and EFHAS and also modified internal structure of FPED to increase electrical efficiency. As a result, Electric performance is increasing with increasing number of PVDFs laminated in FPED. Multilayer type of FPED can rapidly increase electric efficiency. Electric power can be improved by FPED attached a bluff body with relative density. Electric performance of floating type for floating unit of EFHAS is better than that of submerged type. Distance L/λ = 0.4 between floaters of floating unit is suitable for highly electric performance. In hanging unit of EFHAS, it is possible to increase electric power per unit area with increasing number of stairs. In conclusion, we showed the EFHAS with the FPED could be useful for harvesting ocean wave energy.

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