The wave maker of MPS method, a kind of particle method, with free surface is developed in this study. This wave maker has the function of the inflow and outflow of particles. Compared to piston-type wave maker, this is possible to reduce the particle for calculation keeping wave form. As a result, this way is faster computation than that. This way controlled by fluid velocity and wave elevation is able to input propagating tsunami of actual phenomenon and data generated by the other result of MPS method and able to continue simulation. This means that it is possible to simulate in detail with 3D-MPS method after 2D-MPS method that is less computationally expensive. This approach is applied to the analysis to tsunami in coastal area. In this study, fluid pressure of run-up-tsunami affecting a building with MPS method is compared and with experiment. And applying MPS method to analysis of run-up-tsunami is considered.

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