In this paper, based on sediment with gas hydrate and flow characteristics for gas hydrate decomposition, the interaction and density difference between the phases are considered, conventional lattice Boltzmann model is modified to new lattice Boltzmann model then is applied to study flow characteristics for gas hydrate decomposition in sediment. The method is the mesoscopic model between macro and micro methods between. Modification lattice Boltzmann model is applied to carry out a complex micro-channel single-phase, multiphase flow simulation analysis, single-phase flow in porous media for gas hydrate decomposition. The results show that complex micro-channel flow field depends on the micro-channel roughness, bending degree, surface wet ability, fluid properties and other media. Single-phase flow in porous media depends on the pore diameter (saturation) and permeability of the sediment and the hydrate formation in the sediment so greatly reduces the permeability of porous media.

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