The paper presents the results from a series of ice model tests performed as part of the DYPIC (Dynamic Positioning in Ice Conditions) research program. DYPIC is a research and development project within the EU’s ERA NET MARTEC project. The major purpose of the DYPIC project is development of equipment and methods for DP Ice Model testing which allows the prediction of station keeping capability of different vessel types and offshore structures under various ice conditions.

The first DYPIC model tests performed in 2011 was conducted with two significantly different vessel sizes, a 68.0000 m3 volume displacement arctic drillship and an 8.600 m3 polar research vessel. The model scale was 1/30 for the arctic drillship and 1/18.6 for the Polar Research Vessel.

The model tests were performed in the ice model basin at HSVA using vessel models equipped with thruster capacity similar to full scale operation according to DP class 2 / 3 operations. The DP control system was also modified from normal open water DP operations in order to cope with the highly varying ice drift loads acting on the vessel.

The test program gave data supporting the development of numerical models of ice loads from managed ice, see reference [6]. The main focus in this paper is on the station keeping performance and associated thrust utilization as a function of varying ice drift loads.

The results and data collected in the first year of the DYPIC program demonstrates that DP ice model tests will be a valuable tool for evaluation of vessel performance prior to moving on to full scale arctic DP operations.

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