Regularly the twistlock system is used to mount containers on container vessels or on offshore platforms as service containers in normal climate regions. In this paper the twistlock system is analyzed with respect to mounting auxiliary systems as well as accommodation and service modules to the deck of offshore platforms in arctic regions. When the twistlock systems are used in harsh environment it is also important that the twistlocks withstand the acting forces without great displacements and without exceeding the elastic range. But in arctic regions the mountings must resist additional forces due to ice interaction, cold temperatures and small friction coefficients. Because the existing rules do not include regulations how to analyze the strength of these mountings in arctic regions the influence of the friction coefficients and the Young’s modulus were of interest in this study. This paper summarizes some numerical works on these new discoveries. The results of the computations show that the Young’s modulus has no influence on the stress and the displacement of the bodies. However, the friction coefficient has influence on the stress specified in the simulations for large roll angles.

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