Fatigue life assessment is important for all floating offshore structures related to the new building stage but also related to lifetime extensions. Fatigue cracking occurs normally due to uncertainties in estimated fatigue life and this is a well-known problem for floaters.

In this paper the aim has been to look deeper into the effects of improvement methods for improvement of the fatigue life of structural connections.

Fatigue testing of full size fillet welded doubling plates has been performed of a specimen in as welded condition for comparison with two specimens improved by grinding. The paper also presents an alternative S-N curve for grinded details.

The primary goal is to assess the possibility for fatigue life improvement of fillet welded doubling plates where fatigue cracking may initiate from the weld root. The information gained in this project is considered to be important for the offshore floater industry, as well as for development of new fatigue assessment procedures and requirements in standardization.

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