This document introduces the Workshop on Verification and Validation (V&V) of CFD for Offshore Flows, to be held during OMAE2012. It presents a brief introduction to the purpose of Verification and Validation with the identification of the goals of code and solution verification and validation. Within this context, three test-cases are proposed: Case-I of code verification, Case-II of solution verification and Case-III of solution verification and validation. Case-I consists on a 3D manufactured solution of an unsteady turbulent flow. Case-II is an exercise on the canonical problem of the infinite smooth circular cylinder flow at different Reynolds numbers. Case-III is a more complex flow around a straked-riser. The participants are asked to perform at least one of these test-cases. The objectives for the three proposed test-cases are presented, together with a detailed description of the numerical settings to be used, and the results to be obtained and sent to the Workshop organization. At the end some considerations on general conditions, paper submission, deadlines, and encouragements are stated.

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