The prediction of response frequency of Truss Spars is important in the estimation of fatigue damage rates. Response frequency depends on the natural frequency of the structure which is influenced by the added mass.

The 1:60 scale Truss Spar model tests have been conducted in towing tank at Zhejiang Ocean University (ZOU). The Truss Spar model consists of a hard tank with removable helical strakes, a truss section and a square soft tank. Model tests were carried out with simplified mooring system.

In this study, results from the experiment subjected to uniform current were reported. The Reynolds numbers varied from 8E04 to 2E05. The mean added mass coefficient and the time-variable added mass coefficient were calculated. The results shown that the predicted natural frequency based on the measured added mass coefficient was approximately equal to the measured mean oscillation frequency. The added mass coefficient calculated from one oscillation cycle to the next varied considerably. The oscillation frequency from one oscillation to the next corresponded to the natural frequency including the added mass coefficient for the same cycle.

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