Aiming to complete the results presented before by Gonçalves et al. (2011) – Experimental Study on Vortex-Induced Motions (VIM) of a Large-Volume Semi-Submersible Platform, OMAE2011, the present work brings new experimental results on VIM of a large-volume semi-submersible platform, particularly concerning its coexistence with waves in the free surface. The VIM tests were performed in the presence of three regular waves and also three different conditions of sea state. According to the results, considerable differences between the presence of regular or irregular waves were observed. The motion amplitudes in the transverse direction decreased harshly when the regular waves were performed and no VIM was observed. In the case of sea state condition tests, the amplitudes decreased slightly but a periodic motion characterized by the VIM was observed. The results herein presented concern transverse and yaw motion amplitudes, as well as spectral analyses.

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