This paper presents the modified numerical model based on the REMUS simulation model proposed by Timothy Prestero in his paper of MTS/IEEE Conference and Exhibition in 2001 when using it to simulate the “MAUV-III” Mini Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) of author’s laboratory. In addition, it describes the “MAUV-II” numerical model proposed by Wangbo in his Master thesis of Harbin Engineering University. Because of the inaccuracy of the calculated values of lift and drag coefficients under a series of rudder angles of attack based on the FLUENT software, which is proved by the actual experiment. The calculation method is modified by multiplying by 1.2 as the correction coefficient. After modification, the simulated results are proved to very close match to the experiment data. Based on the corresponding experiments including Circle Maneuver in horizontal plane and diving motion in vertical plane under given operation conditions, these two numerical models are shown to accurately simulate the motion of the “MAUV-III” AUV, especially for the modified REMUS model.

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