In the development of the mooring design of FPSOs in spread mooring system (SMS) configuration, it was observed that the utilization of asymmetric riser arrangement in deep waters might lead to an asymmetrical roll response of the FPSO. In particular, concentrating all riser connections on the portside, it could be observed that roll and heave coupling under the influence of the riser dynamics might lead to a much lower roll response associated with waves coming from portside than from the starboard direction. Simulations were carried using an in-house time domain simulator, where the ship hydrodynamic behavior was represented through the use of impulse response functions and the lines dynamic through the use of non-linear finite element method, using an explicit integration scheme and a lumped mass approach. Non-linear viscous effects could be easily associated to the ship and line velocities. Measured motion responses of an actual FPSO in operation in Campos Basin are compared with the computations.

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