Ramamurthy et al strength criterion is applicable only for compression. Tensile strength and unconfined compressive strength cannot be calculated by the criterion. Ramamurthy et al criterion contains two parameters as inherent constants of geomaterials that are known as B and α. A popular method to predict the strength by a certain criterion is using the proposed values for the criterion’s parameters, authors in this paper suggested suitable practical values for the parameters and a precise equation for B for a wide range of geomaterials. Also especial consideration has been pertained for soft geomaterials to calculate the parameters for different conditions of weak planes and loading direction. Moreover authors have presented linear conversion and nonlinear regression model for Ramamurthy et al criterion to extract the mathematical coefficients and the strength criterion’s parameters. Using these parameters for seabed geomaterials will present a fast, useful and credible prediction for the compressive strength by this modified strength criterion.

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