There is an increasing need for transport of corrosive constituents in the subsea oil and gas sector, which generates a high demand for corrosion resistant alloys. Stainless steel, such as duplex, is routinely used for subsea pipelines. Clad pipe with a thin CRA layer metallurgically bonded to a carbon steel pipe is also widely applied, especially for high temperature pipelines and SCRs as it does not suffer from significant strength reduction at high temperature and has an excellent fatigue performance in sour environment.

The interest has grown in lined pipe, which combines the benefits of clad pipe with more attractive procurement costs and shorter lead times. Here, CRA and carbon steel are adhered by means of an interference fit. The authors have patented and qualified a lined pipe design, which enables safe reeled installation without internal overpressure. To extend the field of applications of lined pipe, large scale bending and fatigue tests have been carried out in this work. It has been confirmed that the novel reeled lined pipe is suitable for SCR service.

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