As part of the TOTAL E&P Angola (TEPA) PAZFLOR development, two 10” Integrated Production Bundle (IPB) flexible risers have been installed to connect the Pipe-In-Pipe Oligocene loop to the FPSO.

While IPB risers have first been implemented on the nearby DALIA development, the PAZFLOR IPB had to accommodate much higher design and operating temperatures. From the on-set of the project, focus was put on improving the design of this second generation of IPB and ensuring that all the lessons learnt from DALIA were addressed from a design, manufacturing and installation point of view. The paper presents the main elements of the IPB design as well as the comprehensive set of specific qualification tests performed during the course of the project. Indeed new materials were qualified, a new end fitting design for the bundle was implemented and various mechanical and thermal full scale tests were performed.

Both risers have now been successfully installed and commissioned further proving that IPB flexible risers are a technical and cost effective solution to address the flow assurance challenges of deep water production fluid recovery.

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