In this paper, A parametric structure optimization method, which is called Parametric Structure Shape Optimization Method (PSSOM), is proposed in order to optimize the structure shape of the jack-up platform. According to the characteristic of the jack-up, an approach to create the Parametric Structure Model (PSM) is proposed. The projections of the main structure onto the horizontal plane are used to create the sketch, which is a 2D drawing driven by dimensions. The 3D modeling technique that based on the sketch and feature modeling is used to create the structure model of the jack-up. A meshing procedure is presented to convert PSM into finite element model automatically together with the boundary conditions and the design loads. After calling the FEM solver, the stress and strain for each structure according to any reasonable dimensions could be calculated, and this is the most important foundation of the structure shape optimization design. An optimization design method based on PSM is proposed for the structure optimization design of the jack-up. The genetic algorithm is used to get the optimum dimensions that have better structure strength performance under the premise of that all the other design requirement are satisfied. PSSOM is proved to be practical and high-efficient by the structure optimization of a 300 ft jack-up platform.

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