Deteriorated environment leads to frequent occurrences of typhoon in South China Sea, especially exceeding 100-year super typhoon which is severely threatening the safety of offshore structures. In order to research its extreme wind resisting ability, it is necessary to analyze the exceeding 100-year wind with associated waves and currents. Based on probability theory and least square method, a parameter estimation method for three-parameter Weibull distribution is presented. According to the measured data in South China Sea, environment parameters’ distribution under super typhoon is obtained. Based on the distributions, wind speed with associated waves and currents at different return period in South China Sea is given, and its comparison with Gumbel distribution shows that it had high fitting precision and strong applicability. The wind with associated waves and currents parameters under different meteorological wind scale are given. At last, the structural response of one example Jack-up platforms are compared and analyzed in extreme conditions. The results indicate that the probability analysis of the environment parameters is essential to ensure the safety of structure, further analysis considering both probability estimation method and rules is necessary.

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