The free falling of objects is a phenomenon that has been observed in the nature. The Pendulous Installation Method (PIM) of heavy devices is an example of free falling which occurs in the installation of heavy offshore devices on sea bed. Hence, the motivation of the present research is to study the fluttering and tumbling (autorotation) motions that may occur during the free fall of object. The fluttering is a periodic or chaotic oscillation of body about a vertical axis. On the other hand, the tumbling is end-over-end rotation of body. In order to access the main physical aspects, the present work decided to attack a more fundamental problem and describes the investigations on fluttering and autorotation motions of the interaction of uniform current and freely rotating plate about a fixed vertical axis.

A quasi-steady model is suggested to model the trajectories of flow induced rotation phenomenon and a stability analysis performed to gain insight into the nature of the bifurcation from fluttering to autorotation. At first, the fixed points for different models of motion is obtained and each point analyzed by using the linearized equation. Secondly, the phase diagrams as a function of angular velocity and angle of rotation have been presented for different dynamic models.

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