By the combination of theoretical and empirical approach, the methodology for practical structural assessment of offshore structures for wave slap is proposed. It is developed for engineers in the sense that the precise design pressure is easily obtainable and quickly applicable in early and detail design stage. For impact load prediction, the Pressure-Impulse theory that was well developed and validated in coastal engineering field is applied. The impact pressures are classified into three types (traditional, sharp, and immersed slap) according to model tests and BP Schiehallion FPSO’s bow monitoring. The time histories of impact pressures for the classified impact types are generated with the pressure impulse predicted by the Pressure-Impulse theory. Nonlinear transient structural analyses are performed using the time series of impact pressures to obtain equivalent static pressure factors. Finally, the design pressure is determined by multiplying the maximum peak pressure by the equivalent static pressure factor. The results are validated through the comparison with model tests and dedicated reports.

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