This paper presents the results of model tests on laterally loaded mono-pile foundations in sand. The tests have been performed in a geotechnical centrifuge. The objective of the research is to quantify large diameter effects of these mono-piles on the lateral capacity and the stiffness response for cyclic lateral loading. These large diameters are out of the validity range of the commonly used design methods. For this reason prototype pile diameters up to 4.4 m with a length over diameter ratio of 5 have been investigated. The results show an increase in pile diameter from Ds = 2.2 m to Dl = 4.4 m leads to a significant increase in static lateral capacity and stiffness from cyclic load tests. All tests have been performed with constant L/D = 5, Id = 60% and a load eccentricity up to e = 4.8 m. However, the current test series needs to be extended to higher initial densities and the load control should be more strictly regulated before a clear diameter dependence, for pile diameters > 2.2 m, is proven.

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