Understanding of fundamental erosion characteristics of seabed sediments on which pipelines and other structures are founded is critical for the design of these facilities. The erosion threshold condition of cohesive sediments is not well understood because of the complexity and variability of natural sediments. Most of the existing methods for evaluating the erosion behaviours of seabed sediment are often applicable to the certain particular sediment types and test conditions. There appears to be a need for more research efforts in this area. In present research, the threshold of motion of four moderately consolidated mixtures was tested under unidirectional currents using a testing facility. Three threshold shear stress increase modes were observed, including initial increase mode, steady increase mode and equilibrium mode as mass content of mud Pm increases. A dimensionless threshold shear stress τ* is proposed to quantify the shear strength of these reconstituted mixtures, coupled with variation of coarse particle size. Finally, a predicting model is proposed to illustrate the trend of erosion threshold of the four mixtures as a function of mud weight content. Further understanding of erosion threshold can rely on the various consolidation conditions and different coarse and fine materials inputted in the mixture.

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