It is essential in the design of gravity foundations under cyclic loading that inadmissibly large reductions of the subsoil bearing capacity due to the accumulated pore water pressure (loss of stability) and tilting of the foundation caused by the accumulation of settlements (loss of serviceability) are ruled out. This paper describes a procedure to predict these phenomena in non-cohesive subsoils. Real irregular loads during the service life of the structure can be idealized into parcels of uniform cyclic loads. Using the “High Cyclic Accumulation Model” proposed by Niemunis [1] the strain accumulation and thus the settlement of the subsoil due to the cyclic loads occurring within the service life of the wind turbine can be estimated. The pore pressure development is analyzed by dividing the mechanism in a pore pressure build-up phase in undrained condition (analytical calculation) and a dissipation phase (3D-FEM-Calculation).

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