This paper discusses the model tests of multi-column floating platforms which are carried out at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Marine Laboratory in Johor Bahru state, near the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula. In part to enhance local capabilities for testing all types of floating platforms, Shell and Technip are jointly carrying out this research at the said facility. The objectives of these tests are to assess the effects of realistic wave and current environments on the motions of multi-column floating platforms such as TLPs and to obtain results to be used for calibrating numerical analysis models such as CFD used to calculate platform motions. A test set-up is currently being used to test a TLP for Southeast Asian environment. The important parameters to match are reduced velocities in various modes of motion and the mass ratio of the floating body. This paper presents relevant model test results available at the time of publication and compares them to existing data for other platforms. A brief description of upcoming tests and future relevant research areas are included.

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