A series of experiments were carried out to assess the instantaneous hydrodynamic coefficients and the parametric rolling characteristics of a C11 class container vessel model. The experiments consisted of captive model tests at various heel angles, forced oscillation tests, free roll decay tests and parametric rolling tests. The results obtained from the forced oscillation tests in calm water on symmetric (upright) and asymmetric (heeled) cross-sections are discussed in here. The main objective of the forced oscillation tests was to obtain the heave, roll and pitch added masses and damping coefficients for two different speeds and also three different amplitudes of forced motions. The most important aspect was to assess the influence of taking instantaneous cross-section into account on calculation of these hydrodynamic coefficients. In addition, these tests allowed the identification of the level of non-linear effects with the amplitude of the forced motions for both symmetric and asymmetric hull forms. The experimental data obtained is compared with the results from two strip theory codes for symmetric and asymmetric cross-sections.

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