A kinematics model of the ship wake in the presence of surface waves, generated by wind is presented. It is found that the stationary wave structure behind the ship covered a wedge region with the 16.9° half an angle at the top of the wake and only divergent waves are present in a ship wake for co propagating wind waves. Wind waves field directed at some nonzero angle to the ship motion can cause essential asymmetry of the wake and compressing of its windward half. The extension of Whitham-Lighthill kinematics theory of ship wake for the intermediate sea depth is also presented. The ship wake structure essentially depends from the Froude (Fr) number based on the value of the sea depth and ship velocity. For Froude number less than unit both longitudinal and cross waves are presented in the wake region and Kelvin wake angle increased with Fr. For Fr>1 wake angle decreased with Froude number and finally only divergent waves directed almost normally to the ship track are presented in the very narrow ship wake.

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