The impact of subsurface currents induced by internal waves on nonlinear Stokes surface waves is theoretically analyzed. An analytical and numerical solution of the modulation equations are found under the conditions close to the group velocity resonance. It is shown that smoothing of the down current surface waves is accompanied by a relatively high-frequency modulation while the profile of the opposing current is reproduced by the surface wave’s envelope. The possibility of generation of an internal wave forerunner, that is a modulated surface wavepacket, is established. Long surface waves can form the wave modulation forerunner ahead of the internal wave, while the relatively short surface waves create the trace of the internal wave. Modulation of surface waves by the periodic internal wave train may have the characteristic period less than the internal wave period and be no uniform while crossing the current zone. Surface wave excitation by internal waves, observable at their group resonance is efficient only on the opposing current.

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