The stochastic response and stability of a two-point mooring system are investigated for random sea state represented by the P-M sea spectrum. The two point mooring system is modeled as a SDOF system having only stiffness nonlinearity; drag nonlinearity is represented by an equivalent linear damping. Since no parametric excitation exists and only the linear damping is assumed to be present in the system, only a local stability analysis is sufficient for the system. This is performed using a perturbation technique and the Infante’s method. The analysis requires the mean square response of the system, which may be obtained in various ways. In the present study, the method using van-der-Pol transformation and F-P-K equation is used to obtain the probability density function of the response under the random wave forces. From the moment of the probability density function, the mean square response is obtained. Stability of the system is represented by an inequality condition expressed as a function of some important parameters. A two point mooring system is analysed as an illustrative example for a water depth of 141.5 m and a sea state represented by PM spectrum with 16 m significant height. It is shown that for certain combinations of parameter values, stability of two point mooring system may not be achieved.

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