Extensive development in ship motion control strategies and systems in recent decades has called for higher requirements in control system accuracy and reliability. In this paper, a ship flotation control system based on pump-driven active tank is established. A special case is discussed, where the ship is heeling under an asymmetric loading either by structural damage or asymmetric consumption of ammunition. The purpose of the control system is to keep the ship in upright floating position in waves by transferring liquid between the tanks. Kalman filter is designed to eliminate the wave disturbance, in order to identify the heeling angle caused by asymmetric loading change. The effect of wave disturbance at different wave encounter angles, wave heights, as well as ship speeds is analyzed. Tuning of filter parameters such as initial state variables, initial error covariance and noise covariance is performed to achieve better filtering performance for different parameters of waves and ship motion. To verify the control model, simulation is conducted for a 3340t ship and the simulation results are compared with the theoretical calculations. The research results show the applicability and efficiency of Kalman filter. The concept of the control system presented in the paper is helpful to improve ship stability and safety when ship upright floating condition is disturbed.

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