In order to investigate the effect of taut-wire mooring system on the motion performance of semi-submersible platforms, parametric studies of coupled motion responses are conducted using a time domain analysis in this study. The nonlinear dynamic characteristics of mooring lines and the interactions of platform and mooring lines are investigated. The parametric studies consist of investigating the effects of the hydrodynamic coefficients CA and CD of mooring line, tension dip angle, mooring line pretension, different taut-mooring arrangements and total number of mooring lines on the motion performance of a semi-submersible platform in water depth of 1500 meters, which is subjected to a 100 year return significant wave height of 13.3 meters, a peak period of 15.5 seconds, a current speed of 1.97 meters per second and wind speed of 55 meters per second. The wind and current both act in the same direction as the ocean waves in this study in order to estimate the maximum mooring line loads. The environmental load direction is varied from 0° to 90° at the interval of 15 degrees. Seven directions are calculated in total. The research results show that the different parameters, such as the hydrodynamic coefficients of the mooring line, tension dip angle, pre-tension, arrangement angle of mooring lines and total number of mooring lines, have different effects on the coupled motion responses. In particular, the arrangement angles of mooring lines have significant effect on motion responses and dynamic loads of mooring lines. The motion performance of semi-submersible platform and mooring line dynamic loads can be controlled effectively when these parameters are selected reasonably throughout parametric studies carefully designed and conducted.

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