Regional frequency analysis (RFA) based on L-moments is applied to the HIPOCAS hindcast data using daily maximum significant wave heights offshore Portugal to identify the homogeneous regions and to suggest the appropriate regional frequency distribution and extreme quantiles. Several statistics are computed at the various grid points in the area of study to classify the wave conditions of the regions. The daily maximum significant wave heights of the rough winter month January are used for this case study. The results of the study have shown that there are 3 homogeneous regions in the offshore region under investigation (35°–45°N, 9.5°–11°W) comprising from 15 equally spaced grid points referring to an area of 0.25°×0.25°. It is interesting to observe that the algorithm is able to identify neighboring grid points as members of different regions. The maximum discrepancy between the at-sites’ extreme quantiles and their respective regional quantiles is 0.82 m for a return period of 100 years.

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