In the present paper, effects of geometrical parameters on the SCF distribution along the weld toe of multi-planar tubular DKT-joints under the axial loads are investigated. In order to study the multi-planar effect, SCF distribution in multi-planar joints is compared with the distribution in a uni-planar joint having the same geometrical properties. Based on the multi-planar DKT-joint FE models which are verified against experimental results and the predictions of Lloyd’s Register (LR) equations, a complete set of SCF database is constructed. The FE models cover a wide range of geometrical parameters. Through nonlinear regression analysis, a new set of SCF parametric equations is established for the accurate and reliable fatigue design of multi-planar DKT-joints under axial loads. An assessment study of these equations is conducted against the experimental data and the acceptance criteria recommended by the UK DoE.

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