The paper presents a major benchmarking exercise to demonstrate the accuracy of the formulations for the ultimate strength of stiffened panels that had been proposed for inclusion in ISO TS 18072-2. The complete set of formulations addressed the ultimate strength of plates, hull girders and support members, in particular, transverse frames and webs. The stiffened panel strength formulations have been in the public domain for some time and represent the most comprehensive set yet published. Their potential application is to a wide range of structural forms, e.g. floating dock gates, caissons, bridge decks, FPSOs, etc, and as such have much to recommend for other than just ship structures. The benchmark study presents comparisons between two implementations of the formulations and the results of non-linear FEA. The structures analysed represent a range of different stiffened panels with varying overall dimensions, plate dimensions and stiffener shapes, in particular, flats, angles and Tees. Close correlation is generally realized but where differences arise, these are readily related to the approximations used in developing the strength formulations. The comparisons between the strength formulations and non-linear FEA results provides the basis for quantifying statistical uncertainties in the formulations which can be used in subsequent structural reliability analysis and partial resistance factor derivation.

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