A viscoelastic model considering multiple relaxation times and nonlinearity in dynamic stiffness has been developed. The model is based on the Maxwell-Wiechert model, which is an extension of an earlier model based on the standard linear solid (SLS) model. The time-dependent elastic modulus of polyester rope is represented by a 4-term Prony series (MW4 model). Relaxation times and coefficients of the Prony series have been determined from test data of dynamic stiffness at different loading periods. Nonlinearity in dynamic stiffness is considered by iteratively adjusting the dynamic stiffness of polyester rope based on the calculated mean load on the rope. The developed model has been applied in the global performance analysis of a Spar platform moored in deep water. Platform offset and mooring-line tension comparisons between the SLS and the MW4 models are given for intact and broken mooring-line cases.

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