There is a continual search for new methods of marine salvage and decommissioning of structures in the open sea in order to improve control and lower operational costs. The concept design of a lightweight, cryogenic, marine, heavy lift, buoyancy system has been investigated. The objective is to be able to raise or lower high mass objects controlled solely from a surface support vessel. The overall design concept and associated system development issues have been discussed previously. This work concentrates on the development of a test rig for the cryogenic, marine, heavy lift, buoyancy system and associated test procedures. The main area of concern in the design process is the cryogenic Dewar. This is required to operate at temperatures as low as −196°C but also at pressures exceeding 35bar. A more detailed design of the Dewar, including cryogenic composite materials testing, is considered. The prototype will be assessed through three different testing scenarios; shallow water, open water deep sea, and a hyperbaric chamber for very high pressure testing. The procedures for each of these test scenarios is discussed.

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