The authors envisages a marine system network based on AUVs, offshore vessels, and air-crafts for realize sustainable development of the ocean. Then, a biomimetic underwater vehicle is expected to collect oceanographic data and water samples even in the complicated geographic area. The authors design and develop a flapping wing type underwater vehicle with flexible tail fin as a new biomimetic underwater vehicle. The flapping wing consists of multi-joints mechanism to get lift force and rotation moment for high maneuvering characteristics of motion. The tail fin is designed by elastic oscillating theory and developed to produce strong propulsion force for high speed maneuvering. In addition, a trim balance mechanism is designed to get the trim of pitch motion. The developed biomimetic underwater vehicle has higher maneuverability by strong lift force of flapping wing and propulsion force of tail fin. Also, the underwater vehicle can cruise quietly and avoid twining by seaweeds. The paper firstly introduces the next generation marine systems network concept. Then, it focuses on biomimetic underwater vehicles for mineral resource sensing and acquisition including the history of robotic fish development. Finally, it describes design method, numerical simulation, and tank test of the underwater vehicle with flapping main wing and elastic oscillating tail fin.

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