In the present study, the hydrodynamic performance of a semicircular free surface breakwater (SCB) has been investigated through a systematic experimental programme. Three semicircular breakwater models were tested: one with impermeable front and rear walls; a second with perforated front wall and impermeable rear wall; and a third with perforated front and rear walls. The models were tested for three submergence depths with reference to the still water level in a wave flume under irregular seas with different significant wave heights and peak periods. The performance of the breakwaters was evaluated in the form of coefficients of transmission (CT), reflection (CR) and energy dissipation (CL). The measured wave modification in front of the structure and in the breakwater’s chamber were quantified and presented in the form of a ratio relative to the incident wave height, respectively. Also, the measured horizontal wave forces acting on the SCB were analysed and reported in a dimensionless form. Empirical equations were then developed using nonlinear multiple regression models to estimate the hydrodynamic characteristics of the SCB models.

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