In the scope of this study, it is targeted to develop a tool, equipment and a web-based software system that provides integration of positioning systems and prevents production of erroneous or inadequate real-time/DGNSS positioning data in order to navigate a petroleum platform while it transports between two locations and to track it dynamically where they are precisely positioned. Moreover with the support of web-based implementation of the system designed will provide online remotely monitoring availability for the moving platform activities in offshore. Eventually, it is intended to achieve utilizing spatial informatics technologies like geoimagery, geospatial information system, etc. in the exploration and production of hydrocarbon reserves. This work has been conducted within the project “Integration of Positioning Systems for Positioning and Tracking Offshore Platforms”, funded by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Industry and Trade under contract number 00369.STZ.2009-1, which is started at 01/07/2009 and finalized at 31/01/2011.

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