Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has been developed many useful design concepts and procedures for offshore platforms operating in cold regions. In comparison with normal platforms, winterization for outfitting systems can be considered as an essential difference in design process to guarantee safe operation in cold environments. This study selected a Semi-Submersible Drilling Floating Rig ordered by LLC Gazflot, and shows an effective design procedure and its performance of winterization. A dominant area for winterization should be derrick and drilling deck space that have large opening areas to transport drilling, subsea equipments, risers and which have many those equipments required minimum temperature of about minus 20 degree of Celsius to guarantee normal operation under the lowest operating ambient weather condition of minus 30 degree of Celsius. The possible optimum solutions were proposed by suggesting wind wall design with openings for ventilation and by finding locations and quantities of heaters and blowers considering local temperature and air change rate to satisfy hazardous guide. Those solutions were verified by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) approaches with suitable boundary conditions.

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