Based on the VOF model, the rising movement and deformation of two bubbles placed horizontally or vertically with separation distance under the action of the buoyancy are simulated by using FLUENT software. The effects of distance between two bubbles on deformation, coalescence, rising velocity and path are considered. The bubble deformation is monitored and the change of velocity with time is analyzed. The influence of bubble diameter on rising and merging are discussed and the velocity history of bubble is obtained in rising and merging process. The results show that: The distance has great effect on the interaction between two bubbles in rising and merging process, the smaller the bubble spacing is, the stronger the interaction between bubbles is, and the larger the bubble diameter is, the larger the affected area is. The two bubbles placed vertically attract each other in rising process. The upper bubble has accelerative effect on the speed of lower bubble. The two bubbles placed horizontally in water attract and exclude each other periodically.

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