A key imperative to the transportation of natural gas for long distance is the continued technological advances to reduce the development and life cycle cost of high pressure gas pipeline while maintaining the required high level of safety, reliability and environmental stewardship. Therefore, advances in high strength steels such as X100 and X120 have been pursued by several companies. This paper presents an alternative solution namely FAST-Pipe™ (Fiber Augmented Steel Technology - Pipe). The FAST-Pipe™ Concept involves wrapping a conventional strength steel pipe (X70) whose thickness is selected to satisfy axial and bending load requirement with dry fiberglass to achieve the pressure load requirement. The FAST-Pipe™ offers several technical and economical advantages over High strength steel concepts. The paper presents the results of the proof of concept validation program that included cost analysis and performance testing. The paper also summarizes the results of the rigorous qualification program that was implemented subsequent to the successful results of the proof of concept phase.

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