Fiber Augmented Steel Technology Pipe (FAST-Pipe™) is being proposed as an alternative to high strength steel (grade X80 or higher) for high pressure gas transmission pipelines. The FAST-Pipe™ is manufactured by wrapping dry fiberglass on conventional steel pipe. It offers many performance and cost advantages. However, as with any proposed new technology, it is required to achieve a reliability level at least equal to the conventional all-steel technology. This paper summarizes the results of a burst failure probability analysis. It was part of the ongoing work to experimentally and analytically establish the design basis for FAST-Pipe™. The purpose of this study is to estimate the burst failure probabilities of defect-free all-steel and FAST pipes after 30 years of operation, and to identify FAST-Pipe™ design cases which can achieve burst reliability levels comparable to those of an all-steel design. The results of this study suggest that a safety factor of 2.0 on burst pressure is adequate for the FAST-Pipe™.

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