Internal fluid flow parameters in conjunction with elastomechanical properties of conveyance systems have significantly modulated flow induced vibrations in pipeline and riser systems. Recent advances on the mechanics of sandwich elastic systems as effective vibration and noise reduction mechanisms have simulated the possibility of replacing traditional steel pipes with sandwich pipes in deepwater environment. The dynamic behaviour and stability of sandwich elastic pipes conveying a non-Newtonian fluid are investigated in this paper. For this problem, a set of generalised non-linear equations governing the vibration of sandwich pipes held together in pressurised environment and conveying a non-Newtonian fluid is presented. By linearizing the governing partial differential equation matching the problem physics, under slight perturbation of the internal fluid velocity and other flow variables closed form analytical results for the system dual natural frequencies and stability under external excitation are computed for field designs and applications. Results show that for a given length of pipe, beyond the critical velocity, instability increases with the velocity of conveyance.

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