An improved approach is presented for the cost efficient, reliable development and implementation of a holistic Integrity Management (IM) plan for risers systems. Examples based on project experience are provided, illustrating how this process can be applied to Green and Brownfields alike. Flexible Pipe, Top Tension Risers (TTR) and Steel Catenary Riser (SCR) major hazards will be evaluated for a new development tie-in to existing facility, as major material compatibility threats may arise. Consideration regarding available mitigation measures will be discussed. This process will also identify synergies in the planning and scheduling of integrity management activities that can help achieve significant cost benefits through optimized mobilizations with other offshore interventions. The intent is to retain focus on practical retention of technical integrity throughout the riser lifecycle, while emphasizing that integrity management is a dynamic process that takes advantage of best practices from both analysis and operations personnel. Similarly, good interface between design and operations teams can ensure better co-operation between the CAPEX and OPEX cost centers. This then ensures design personnel have the data required to better optimize immediate life cycle ‘fitness for purpose’ as well as future reassessment capabilities of the system.

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